Poetry Stitched in My Thoughts

Like a pawn move one space at a time, life is a game in the hands of the beholder.

Many options lead to different paths but the outcome of the game is your choice but not your choice alone.

We affect those around us every day; pieces fitting into a million puzzles.

Each piece gets lost here and there but is always somehow found.

Some take longer than others and some never finish the game, and yet they live on through memories of items.

Objects may be inanimate; however they hold more emotion and meaning than most of us will ever know.

They have futures and pasts just as you and I do.

My advice is to count on yourself alone, but don’t be ashamed to borrow someone’s time.

You are a picture of a completed puzzle don’t live your life with the pieces glued together so they may never fall apart but don’t be reckless and treat the pieces poorly so that when put together again they won’t fit the same.

You are one in seven billion and living in the moment, being free for a second is worth more than your hopes and dreams because that’s what they are, dreams.

Here, now, the small moments of joy that make you forget what’s bad, those are the moments you most likely won’t look back on and although forgotten, they’ll be a valuable part of your story that tells who you are and how you came to be.

~A. Howard


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