The Wake Up.

I was having the best day ever

Until I woke up.

I was happy,

Until I woke up.

I was at peace,

Until I woke up.

All of my goals were gained,

All of my dreams were dreamt,

All of my wishes were wished,

Until I woke up.

Now I wonder why anyone wakes up,

Why anyone would wish to wake up,

Why anyone would give himself to the wake up.

We all have to wake up, accept the lucky few who die before waking up.

The wake up isn’t about waking up.

It’s not about the early mornings.

It’s not about the evenings.

It’s about the everyday that occurs after the wake up.

Parents protect you,

Teachers push you,

Society warns you,

Everybody knows about the wake up.

Everybody takes it differently.

Some accept,

Some deny,

Some try to overcome,

As if the wake up is something you can avoid,

Like the only way from it isn’t to die but to keep your childhood, holding onto the TV shows, the friends, the innocence, the love.

But the wake up doesn’t see your childhood.

It sees whatever it wants and nobody can ever escape it, and it knows. It knows you can’t leave.

It knows everybody eventually cripples in its clutched when it reveals the hate, the anger, the tragedy, the loneliness, the emptiness.


It knows you’re helpless!

Everybody thinks they can overcome the wake up.

But the thing is, we already woke up.

A Poem By Liz Rodrigues. This poem began as a simple scribble on paper. No more than thoughts jotted down while bored in class. I came across this piece of art and thought it necessary to be published. The Wake Up is layered with the untold truths of life and riddled with thoughts many dare not to ponder let alone say aloud. I felt these cold words strike a nerve. The Wake Up described so many memories in my past I wonder if it feels the same for others upon first glance…

~A. Howard



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